Greetings from the skies of the second world. Since I’ve been around the Second world for so many years before creating this, I’ll give the shortened version of my Second Life here.

October 2005: First avatar created. No this is not it :).  Just played around a lot and explored the world, in awe of the creativity in a time before mesh, before sculpties, and even before flex-prims.

March 2006: Co-founder of Club Pyramid, a long departed Egyptian themed club based in the snowy region of Thams. Club Pyramid went through four iterations before it’s demise.  It was a great place it it’s time.

September 2006: New avatar created and new virtual company formed: Starland Development Group. Started several building projects with another friend and artist.

August 2007: Became Captain of Celestra, a small civilian refugee ship in BSG47, the first Battlestar Galactica themed role play sim in Second Life. There has never since been any BSG based RP that matched the great times we had at BSG47. I ascended to an admin and eventually co-owner after the original founder decided to move on. BSG47 eventually came to an end as the story ran it’s course. But it was a great time while it lasted.

September 2008: Still involved with BSG47, also joined Babylon 5 Experience. This sim had great potential but the story never really took off. Too bad. If such a place existed in the real univers, I’d probably want to live there :).

January 2010: Moved on to The Twelve Colonies, forming a Virtual Spaceline for a time. Was fun but was not really the right fit.

January 2011: Joined Battlestar Mercury’s reboot and took a position as Captain of the agricultural ship Galactic Empress. Had a great time there but it was short-lived.

Took a long hiatus from RP after the end of that iteration of Battlestar Mercury and focused on building and scripting for awhile.

February 2013: After hearing from lots of people that said they missed a classic BSG-RDM story, started work on BSG74. Doors opened one year later with great success. Became captain of Salome, an agricultural ship, named after the late Venya Salome, who sadly passed in RL before we were able to reveal the new sim in progress.

February 2015: One year to the day after grand opening, BSG74 closed its doors with a big bang finale. It was a great year but the decision was made that the genre based RP in Second Life lacked a sustainable future. There were no regrets.

July 2015: Joined Vulture Air, a virtual airline in SL serving Nautilus, Corsica, Satori and Blake Sea, with affiliates on Sansara and Heterocera.

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