Starland Marshall


Newest addition to our fleet of fine vehicles is our Starland Marshall Crew Cab pick up.  The Marshall brings to you the latest technology in both appearance and design.

This rugged and reliable truck can pull standard hitch and 5th wheel trailers (sized for pickups). As with all Starland vehicles, it is GTFO enabled and is delivered with a modifiable frame.

We have also incorporated the NTBI Global Mod Link System (GMLS) as an experimental feature. While this is not a tested system as it related to Starland, we are making it available with this model for creators and owners of modules that they may wish to adapt to the Marshall.

The Marshall will be available at the Starland Booth of the SL Living Exposition running March 3-12 2023. Proceeds of the sale during the exposition will go to the American Cancer Society.

After closing of the exposition, the Starland Marshall will be available at the Starland Auto Mall, and eventually on the SL Marketplace.

Documentation for the Marshall is still a work in progress, however the critical information for your use of the Marshall can be found on this site at Starland Driver Interface.



The Starland Modular Space Station is the flagship product of Starland Aerospace. Our exclusive build and connect system allows quick and easy creation of a layout as simple or as complex as you would like it.

With the basic starter package, you can build a great single level space station with basic modules and corridors. 

From there you can purchase additional modules such as landing pads, space docks, hangers, a vertical hub to allow you to expand to multiple levels and various living accommodations.

You may also choose to buy one of the advanced packages that includes many of those modules packaged base on the types needed with an overall discount from purchasing all of the modules separately.

The space station is available in world or on the marketplace.  Come visit an operational spaceport at Calleta Spaceport.

The space station may be purchased on the Marketplace  or in world at MP Fleetyard.



Out with the Old!

Things are changing! Finding just the right design to provide an attractive experience to our customers has been a challenge but here it is! It is still being put together. The goal of this endeavor is to provide support and updated information in a timely manner without our customers needing to tie up a group slot, or be concerned with dropped or limited message retention.

Product guides and informational updates will be maintained here. We will also have a news page attached to each product that will include notes of any issues that have been encountered and updates or recommendations.

For the time being, this will be an information only site. As the way things have become, with every little hegemony creating their own silly rules about the pipe-dream of privacy on the internet, maintaining personal information is simply not in Starland’s best interests. So please report any issues with a Starland product to me, Starbuckk Serapis.  Please send a notecard and also an instant message.

Please check out my first video creation!  This is a demonstration of the recently released Starland Airline Pilot HUD.The video was created using Corel Video Studio X8.

Please tell me what you think. Was a fun project. An updated version will be posted soon.