Starland Scout 75
Basic Features
The Starland Scout 75 is an all-wheel drive crossover that can be used as an open pickup truck or a covered utility truck. Your truck is delivered with all terrain tires and an advanced suspension system allowing it to be used on almost any land terrain on the grid.



Item Detail
Passenger Capacity One driver, one passenger
Cruise Control Standard
Headlights Two single element projection lights

Can be made physical for towing.

Can be unlocked for guest use.

Customizable handling characteristics.

Function key based gestures for efficient driving control.


Function HUD Gesture Command Menu
Headlights * F2 /lights Lights
Foglights * Shift-F2 /fg  
Right Turn Signal * F5 /rt  
Emergency Flashers * F4 /lt  
Horn * F3 /horn Toot
Unflip * F12 /unflip Unflip
Parking Brake * F10 /br  
Drivers Window *   /wfl  
Passenger Window *   /wfr  
Cruise On   F6 /ccon Cruise On
Cruise Off   F7 /ccoff Cruise Off
Car Menu *