Starland Driver HUD

General Information

The Starland Driver HUD is included with all Generation 2 Starland vehicles. The same HUD may be used across all cars that have been sold or upgraded to Generation 2. For Generation 1 cars, please use the HUD that came with the car.

The HUD retrieves information from the car for it's settings, so the same instance of the HUD can be used for any compatible vehicle.

The HUD is also transferable to allow guest drivers to benefit from the HUD.


Starland Driver HUD

Settings Menu

HUD Settings

Function Description
Text Chat If on, repeats chat between HUD and car in console
KPH If on, HUD will use Kilomoters.
Transparency Transparancy setting for HUD background

Special Functions

Different Starland models will use these buttons for features unique to that car. Please see user guide for the car you are using for functions in this section.

Info Display

Shows current speed, cruise on or off status, selected gear and odometer reading. Units for speedometer and odometer are in Imperial (miles, miles per hour) units, but can be switched to Metric from the Settings menu. If the car you are driving is set to KPH, it will switch automatically when seated.

"Cruise On/Off" line also functions as a switch to turn cruise control on or off.

Function Buttons

Commands as shown only work when gestures are worn. Without gestures, commands must be sent on channel 1087 (ex: /1087 lights)

Function HUD Gesture Command Menu Notes
Headlights (Low) HeadlightBtnSite F2 /lights Lights  
Headlights (High) HeadlightBtnSite Shift-F2  /hibeam    
Interior Light IntLightBtnSite F8 /il    
Horn HornBtnSite F3 /horn Toot  
Parking Brake ParkBrakeBtnSite F10 /br    
Unflip UnflipBtnSite F12 /unflip Addons/Unflip  
Start/Stop StartStop  Shift-F12  /REMOTESTART  Engine Also accessible by mouseclick on ignition key if car has one.
Settings Settings       HUD options
Car Menu CarMenu       Car Menu
Left Turn Signal RightTurn F4 /lt    
Emergency Flashers EFlasher  F9 /fl    
Right Turn Signal RightTurn F5 /rt    
Lock/Unlock LockBtn   /l, /ul    Accessible by clicking on the Starland Medallion on left side of most cars.
Front Left Window LeftWindow   /wfl    
Front Right Window RightWindow   /wfr    
Rear Left Window LeftWindow   /wrl    Not available on all vehicles
Rear Right Window RightWindow   /wrr    Not available on all vehicles
Cruise On  * F6 /ccon Cruise On *Cruise can also be toggled on/off by clicking over "Cruise" text in info box
Cruise Off  * F7 /ccoff Cruise Off  
Low Gear Ratio 4LO  Shift-F11  /4LO MODE  Accessible on dash on some models
High Gear Ratio 4HI  F11  /4HI MODE  Accessible on dash on some models 
2 Wheel Drive 2WD  Ctrl-F11  /2WD MODE  Accessible on dash on some models 
Foglights FogLightBtnSite  Shift-F9  /fg   Not available on all vehicles
Floodlights FloodLightBtnSite  Ctrl-F9     Not available on all vehicles
Sunroof SunRoofBtn    /sun   Not available on all vehicles


The driver HUD should be attached before sitting in the driver seat. However, the car can be directed to connect from the Add-On menu if the driver is already seated. Click Addons -Resync if necessary to reconnect.

Once connected, the HUD will activate and gather information from the car you are driving.

HUD will reset whenever standing from the car.

Distance Units

The HUD defaults to miles for distance units. When you sit on a car, the car alerts the HUD to the units the car is set for. After sitting, you can override the car using the HUD settings menu. This affects both the speedometer and the odometer. All information in the car is stored as miles. Value is converted when KPH is selected so switching back and forth will not impact the recorded value.